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Chronological archive of new gadgets

Q1 2003

Minolta dImage Xi
(review by The Star TechCentral)
3.3 mega-pixels,
84.5 x 72 x 20 mm, 130 g

Palm Tungsten W
high-res, built-in keyboard
integrated GSM/GPRS wireless
(release date not confirmed)
December 2002

Psion netpad 5110
landscape touch-screen,
wireless (LAN/WAN - 802.11b,  2.4Ghz, 902Mhz),
GSM/GPRS, withstand harsh environment
(drop from 1.52m,  submerged under 1m of
water), OS: Windows CE.NET or Symbian

Palm Tungsten T
high-res, built-in keyboard
OS: Palm OS
November 2002

Eten InfoTouch P600

ViewSonic V1100
Tablet PC

Acer n20
Pocket PC

Sony CRXP-90MU
+ memory stick slot

Walkie-talkie watches
Range: 250ft.

Minolta DiMage 7i
Digital camera


May 2002
Sony Ericsson P800 Samsung SCH x590

Palm m130 (colour) mm O2 XDA (colour)

Handspring treo