Linggi elected DCCI president
Sunday Tribune - Sunday, May 11 2003
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LINGGI ... power vested in Supreme Council

By Abdul Hakim Bujang

KUCHING - Businessman Datuk Amar Leonard Linggi Jugah has been unanimously elected as the president of Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry during it's inaugural Annual General Meeting held at Telang Usan Hotel on Saturday.

Linggi, in an exclusive interview right after the AGM, said that the meeting was held without much fanfare to avoid unnecessary attention and publicity.

"Our only aim is to help Dayak businessmen, both business outfits and licensed professionals.

"We are very focused on what we want to do for our members. We don't know if we are going to be successful or not, unless we give it a try first," he said.

According to Linggi, the DCCI now has about 200 members, representing a wide spectrum of business.

"We have Fortune 50 cents members only," he said in jest, when asked if there were any members listed in the Fortune 500 or Fortune 1.000 companies.

When asked what transpired during the AGM, Linggi stressed that all they wanted to do was to convert the pro-tem status of the DCCI to a fully constituted body by May, after it was officially registered with the ROS on 11 January this year.

"Apart from that, we want our members to know each other and get to know those business opportunities offered by the government," he added.

On subjects covered at the seminar, a side event of the AGM, linggi said the focus was on facilities the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development is offering.


                                                      WHO'S WHO

PANEL OF ADVISERS:                                                                                    TREASURER GENERAL:

Dato Sri Celestine Ujang ak Jilan,                                                                     Allan Keripin Nangkai

Dato Sri Stephen Timothy Wan                                                                        SUPREME COUNCIL MEMBERS:

Ullok, Associate Professor Dimbab                                                                  Datuk Kenneth Kanyan Central Ngidang Region Representative, Peter_

PRESIDENT:                                                                                                        Nansian Ngusie, Dr Stephen  Rundi, Datuk Douglas Sullang,

Datuk Amar (Dr) Leonard Linggi Jugah                                                            Bernard Aggan Southern Region

DEPUTY PRESIDENT:                                                                                       Representative, Dr Phillip Raja

Stanley Ajang                                                                                                        Northern Region Representative,

VICE PRESIDENTS:                                                                                            Musa Giri, Donald Lawan, Sap

Joseph Salang, Dr Jerip Susil,                                                                             Ambau, David Hilton Smith,

Leonard Martin Uning, Dr Eric                                                                            Freddie Acho Bian, Kilat Beriak,

Marcel Munjan, Henry Lian                                                                                Wilson Jetan, Mutang Tagal

SECRETARY GENERAL:                                                                                   EXECUTIVE SECRETARY:

Peter Minos                                                                                                            Terence Temenggong Jayang


"In the morning we were briefed by an official from the ministry while in the afternoon, we would be broken into groups, for discussion and to air our problems and our aspiration in business to each other," he said.

Linggi stressed that the DCCI's constitution allowed the president to hold the post not more than two terms, and that power was vested with the supreme council and not the president.

"The idea is to work as a team. Each (supreme council) member will head a sub-committee to guide the members." he said.

Asked on the DCCI's next move, Linggi said that they would write to the Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud to inform him of the DCCI's formation, and seek a meeting (courtesy call) at the time of his convenience.

Linggi also said they would write to all the relevant authorities to inform them of DCCI existence.

He was glad to note that all Dayaks ethnic groups were represented in the Panel of Advisors of the DCCI, once Dato Sri Robert Jacob Ridu has accepted his appointment.

"We have officially appointed Dato Sri Celestine Ujang, Dato Sri Stephen Timothy Wan Ullok and Associate Professor Dimbab Ngidang to sit in the panel. We will appoint Dato Sri Robert Jacob Ridu to the panel so that all ethnic group are represented," he explained.