Colour means EVERYTHING - Choose food by colour
The Borneo Post - Sunday, 24 March, 2002


Benefits Examples
Red/Purple Contains anthocyanins, powerful anti-Oxidants that may cut risk of heart disease and stroke by inhibiting clot formation. -Eggplant
-Purple or red grapes
-Red wine
-Red apples and pears
-Red Cabbage
-Red capsicum
Red Contains lycopene, which has a protective effect against cancer. -Guavas
-Pink grapefruit
Orange Contains beta-carotene for healthy eyes and skin; may help protect against certain cancers. -Apricots
-Sweet potatoes
Orange/Yellow Contains beta-cryptoxanthin, a powerful cell-protecting antioxidant -Nectarines
-Yellow grapefruit
Yellow/Green Contains lutein and zeazanthin, which help fight cataracts and macular (eyesight) degenaration. -Avocado
-Green beans
-Green/yellow capsicum
-Cos lettuce
Green Rich in detoxifying sulforaphane, indoles and isothiocyanates, which play a key role in stimulating cancer-fighting enzymes in the liver. -Broccoli
-Brussels Sprouts
-Swiss chard
White/Green Contains allicin and flavonoids, chemicals which help fight disease and battle tumors. -Shallots