Tea good for heart patients
The Borneo Post Monday May 13 2002

WASHINGTON: Drinking tea is good for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases because it increases their chances for survival, according to a just released study.

The study conducted Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre in Boston shows that people who have survived a heart attack and proceeded to drink a lot of tea had a mortality rate 44 per cent lower than heart attack survivors who did not drink tea at all in the first three and a half years following the attack.

"The health benefits of tea have been reported in numerous studies in recent years, but among healthy individuals the evidence is actually mixed," said Kenneth Mukamal, an author of the study.

"The greatest benefits of tea consumption have been found among patients who already have cardiovascular disease," he added.

The study, conducted on 1,900 patients in their 60s, will appear in the Journal of the American Heart Association.-AFP