IT services at Starbucks Coffee
The Borneo Post - Monday, 2 December, 2002
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KUALA LUMPUR: Patrons will find the advent of wireless internet technology becoming a phenomenal hit at Starbucks Coffee thanks to TIME dotCOM's much anticipated service - the TIMEZone wireless broadband 'hotspot' service. Starbucks customers can now check their e-mail, surf the web, stream online video, retrieve online information for business or non­business purposes.

"Starbucks customers can now experience the true splendour of TIME's wireless broadband hotspot service at Starbucks Coffee while enjoy their favourite cup of coffee. We (Time dotCOM) are building the next generation of internet access," said Karan Henrik Ponnudurai, Head of Product Management, TIME dotCOM.

At present, such service is available at five Starbucks Coffee outlets in the Klang Valley and the company is planning a nation-wide offering the next few months. The service is now being offered free-of-charge for the next six months. TIMEZone works on Wi-Fi or 802. llb technology, which is one of the most commonly applied platforms.

To enjoy the benefits, all a customer has to do is bring along his or her Wireless LAN-ready notebook, PDA, Pocket PC or even web-browsing capable hand phones to any Starbucks Coffee outlets equipped with TIMEZone. TIMEZone offers high speed wireless connection as much as 20 times faster than the GPRS service or 200 times faster than GSM mobile network.

"Our customers have been waiting for such an offering, high-speed wireless internet access in a familiar and widely available location that keeps them connected while on the road, or between their home and office. It's the right service offered in the right environment," added Ponnudurai.

The official launching ceremony took place at Starbucks Coffee, BB Plaza, Kuala Lumpur. Besides Ponnudurai, signing on behalf of Starbucks Coffee was Eric Khoo, Executive Director, Berjaya Coffee Company. The special occasion was further cheered on by a special appearance of sensational local celebrities Ning Baizura and Soong Ai Ling.