On-line driving test this year
The Borneo Post - Tuesday 2 July 2002

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KUCHING: Learner drivers will soon be taking their on-line Highway Code test in front of a computer instead of having to sit for a written one as is the case now. The on-line Highway Code test was expected to be implemented in Sarawak this year, said the directorgeneral of Road Transport Department Datuk Dr Mohd Shahar Sidek.

He said the system was ready as it was now simply a matter of hooking the computers with the telephone lines to the JPJ headquarters in Putra Jaya. "This is to enable learner drivers to answer questions directly on the computer screen without having to sit for a written test as is the case now. The test on-line can be re-taken for a total of eight times until the candidate passes it," he said at a press conference held immediately after the nationwide launching of the new motor vehicle licence yesterday.

Candidates sitting for the test, held at JPJ's e-service centres, are given different sets of 50 questions which appeared on the computer screen. Those who fail can re-sit the test up to eight times the same day with a fee of RM5 for each re-sit. He disclosed that the system had been implemented in stages in the Mang Valley and Kuala Lumpur since the beginning of this year, and was on the full scale since last month.

Mohd Shahar assured that the fees would be the same as for the current written test. "As the test is not run at the driving institute, but at JPJ through the electronic service consortium it should therefore be cheaper. "And as JPJ is not directly involved except to ensure that the system is not abused, the possibility of JPJ assisting candidates to pass or to acquire answers will not arise," he said. Touching on the public grouses that the rate for the driving tuition class was unreasonable, in that it was RM800 in Kuching and RM400 in outlying towns, he assured his department would look into the matter.

"This is one problem we need to overcome because JPJ is directly involved-in the issuance of permit to learner drivers, driving instructors and to vehicles," he said. He said JPJ would certify that the driving instructors were subjected to at least five hours of teaching as had been scheduled.

He added that JPJ was now in the final stages of preparing a manual, and when ready, all driving instructors would be required to use the manual as a guide so that their lessons would be more effective. The manual would be ready for use by August this year, he said.

New license...Mohd. Sharar (centre) with the JPJ state director Amir Abdul Hamid (second left), cutting the ribbon to unfurl of the new motor license with the release of balloons