Internal elements pose greater threat to State ICT security: SS
Sarawak Tribune - Friday, 25 October, 2002
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KUCHING - The SarawakNet, the lifeline for communication and service within the State Public Service, is being hacked, albeit unsuccessfully, for an average of 200 times per day.

While State Secretary Datuk Amar Abdul Aziz Hussain was confident that the firewall system for the SarawakNet has been effective to thwart the outside attacks, he, however, was worried that the real threats would come from within.

" The security system built within the SarawakNet is currently adequate to defend from any outside attack. Our biggest worry is attacks from within the system itself."

"I will not provide details here but I would like to mention that the biggest and costliest frauds in the State Public Service have all been perpetrated from within the agencies. Incidents like this, to me, are our biggest ICT security threats," he said here yesterday.

He was speaking at the opening of a workshop for State ICT Security Officers (ICTSOs), who have been appointed to ensure the total safety of the system.

Their job include preventing employee sabotage, such as entering incorrect data into the system, unauthorized deletion of files, destroying programmes, installing bugs and other malicious software, to fraud, theft and impersonation to gain access to the system.

"ICTSOs provide the second line of defence in ICT security for the State Public Service," said Abdul Aziz.

The first line of defence, he added, should be the employees themselves, who as public employees, should be clean, honest and security conscious. "Of course, we know that not every employee is. This is why ICTSOs have a very important role to play, that is to prevent internal security breaches."

As an incentive to them, Abdul Aziz announced that the State government will provide Internet access to ICTSOs that are not qualified for Internet access under the current procedure.