Govt suppliers directed to become ePerolehan enabled
The Borneo Post - Tuesday, 21 January, 2003  A9
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KUALA LUMPUR: Government suppliers have been issued with a directive from the Ministry of Finance to become ePerolehan enabled so that they do not risk losing out on government related business opportunities.

In a statement yesterday, Commerce Dot Com Sdn Bhd, the company responsible together with the MoF for the development and implementation of the national eprocurement system, ePerolehan, said the directive followed an earlier announcement by the ministry requesting all government agencies and procurement centres to only make purchases via suppliers registered with the Ministry through ePerolehan.

Commenting on the directive, Commerce Dot Com's chief executive, Datuk Mohd Salleh Masduki said that while most suppliers faced unfamiliarity with information communication technology, measures would have to be taken to maintain and increase their competitive advantages in the rapidly evolving local and international markets.

"ePerolehan provides a platform for our business communities to learn how to do business online - initially with the government and in future with global clients and customers.  "Doing business online and leveraging on the pervasive presence of the internet, small and large-scale businesses have equal opportunity to gain competitive advantages," he said.

He added that government suppliers conducting business via ePerolehan were already reaping the benefits of doing business through the internet.

Currently, three modules, namely Supplier Registration, Central Contract and Direct Purchase are already fully functional under the new electronic sales channel and by the end of 2003 third quarter, suppliers would be able to submit quotations, obtain tender documents and submit tender bids online when the Quotation and Tender procurement modules come on line, said Commerce Dot Com.

It said the ministry had issued the directive in December last year to the 35,000 government suppliers throughout the country to become ePerolehan-enabled.