'Messiest day' ever for Internet
The Borneo Post  8 July 2003, Tuesday  

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WASHINGTON: A weekend hacker contest resulted in "the messiest day in the whole Internet history," disabling hundreds of websites from Brazil to the Netherlands, a site that monitors cyber attacks said yesterday. 

The site, Zone-H, said it was targeted as well by the hackers even though it is "a neutral observer."

"Yesterday, July 6 has to be remembered as the messiest day in the whole Internet history," Estonia-based Zone-H said in a statement.

Zone-H said that the media attention about the so-called "Defacer's Challenge" attracted more hackers.

"Nothing would have happened, if only the media didn't pay so much attention turning a non-case into something useful to fill the empty summer newspapers," the site said.

"The hype turned so much high, that the same cracker panorama started to break apart about participating to the challenge."

Zone-H published a partial list of the sites defaced or shut down, with no apparent pattern, including sites from the United States, France, Brazil, Germany and the Netherlands. - AFP