Reporting crime through SMS
The Borneo Post - Wednesday, March 26 2003
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Sarawakians can now call police chiefs to inform of any criminal acts using handphones

KUCHING: Sarawak police have launched the Save My Soul or SMS (Saya Mahu Selamat) where members of the public can contact the district police chiefs (KPD) immediately to report crime through the handphones.

"The people could either call directly or send short messaging system through the SMS to the KPD or heads of department so that the KPD can act immediately upon receiving the information when there is a burglary, fight in a pub or snatch case or when you see suspicious characters in your neighbourhood," Sarawak Commissioner of Police Datuk Mohd Yusoff Jafaar yesterday.

Yusoff urged Sarawakians to log in their respective KPD personal mobile numbers into their handphones so the police department could be informed immediately when a crime occurred.

This would allow the police to act faster in crime prevention instead of getting reports after an incident had happened and when suspect(s) were miles away in their hidden sanctuary, he said.

Speaking to reporters after the 196th Police Day celebration in Petra Jaya here, he the SMS or Save My Soul (Saya Mahu Selamat) will allow the public to contact their respective KPD directly to their handphones when in trouble.

After discussion with all KPD and heads of department, he disclosed that they agreed to list their handphone numbers to the public to further enhance the efforts in building an orderly society.

The SMS campaign was the first of its kind in the country, he added.

He said, "Each KPD is equipped with a walkie-talkie and after being informed of an incident, he would contact his men to go to the ground immediately like putting up road blocks to catch the burglars, extortionists, robbers or snatch thieves before they can escape far."

For snatch cases, victims or witnesses should take note of the suspect(s) physical appearance and vehicles used since snatch thieves normally used fake licence plate, he added.

The people should make good use of this new crime prevention mechanism, he pointed out, as it will benefit the society and assist the police to reduce crime rates in the State, particularly the increasing snatch theft cases.

"Every household has at least one handphone these days, if not several sets.

So, it shouldn't be a problem to start this mechanism.

Just log in the respective KPD handphone number.

If you are in Mukah keep the Mukah KPD number, or if you are in Bintulu contact the Bintulu KPD," he said.

All informers would be treated with strict confidentiality, he said, adding that they will be rewarded accordingly for their co-operation.

Pointing out that the police in the State were sincered to serve the people, Yusoff hoped that the 24­hour facility would not be abused.

"The police has not had the time to space. We are to serve 24 hours. There is bound to be some who will take advantage of the campaign to make prank calls, but we will have to be patient for others who are in need of our help," he said.

Yusoff stressed that the SMS campaign was meant to help the people and deal with the rampant crime cases.

He urged the public to take the campaign seriously.  

Telephones numbers e public can contact:

• Commissioner of Police Datuk Mohd Yusoff Jaafar - 019-9564999

• Deputy CP SAC I Abang Abdul Wahap Abang Julai - 019-8884919

• Crime Investigation Department Head SAC II Abdul Razak Hassan - 012-8097888

• Management Department Head SACII Kushaili Suut - 012-8097888

• Public Order and Traffic Department Head Supt John E Lang - 019­8563729

• Narcotics Department Head Supt Jamaluddin Kudin - 019-8558885

• KPD Kuching ACP Rozin Yusop -01-3-8253053

• KPD Miri ACP Ambrose Chong Hock Guan - 019-8844848

• KPD Sibu ACP Sebastian Gaong Nanang - 019-8565229

• KPD Bintulu Supt Sulaiman Abdul Razak - 013-8360008

• KPD Limbang Supt Wong Ann Khan - 013-8086808

• KPD Sri Aman DSP Abdul Hamid Bulat - 019-8166778

• KPD Saratok DSP Abang Abdillah Abang Aerowani - 013-8244037

• KPD Kapit DSP Albert Lunju Amin - 019-8193838

• KPD Baram DSP Federick Liso - 0138442147

• KPD Lawas Hussain Jamuie - 013-8377111

• KPD Betong DSP Nelson Jinimam - 019-8774194

• KPD Sarikei DSP Nicholas Sebastian - 019-8486018

• KPD Mukah DSP Pausi Bujang - 019-8468994

• KPD Serian DSP Philip Picha Rumpang - 019-8588715

• KPD Kota Samarahan DSP Safuan Sebawi - 019-8287155

• KPD Song ASP Esley Bedindang - 013-8069200

• KPD Belaga ASP Francis Uli Tuchai - 013-8337934

• KPD Tatau ASP Jopeny Junaidi - 019-8568542

• KPD Lundu ASP Mohd Zaidi Ambi -019-8587155

• KPD Matu/Daro ASP Poniman Margiman - 019-8196777

• KPD Maradong ASP Saches @ Sasis Semob - 019-8795505

• KPD Simunjan ASP Wilfred Chin Tan Bee - 019-8483666

• KPD Bau Chief Inspector Makhzan Mat Noor - 013-8103023

• KPD Kanowit Chief Inspector Piee Alwi - 019-8480272

• KPD Julau Chief Inspector Abdul Samat Amit - 013-8093031

• KPD Lubuk Antu Chief Inspector Bakar Sebau - 013-8201722

• KPD Dalat Inspector Dayang Rahmah Abang Bolhan - 013-8942733